Hotel Valet Parking Services

We’ve developed a proprietary training system which incorporates the standards and concepts developed by the Leading Hotels of the World, along with our own years of experience working with a prestigious roster of Hotel Clients. This solid approach delivers front line team members who are ready to meet even the highest service expectation of the finest hotel establishments in the world. In addition to ready-to-go font line team members, we provide thoughtful solutions, and extra amenities which combine to create a welcoming environment which also helps you maximize your return on investment.

Valet Services

With EPW, your hotel guests can expect 5-star service and hospitality.  Our team members are trained to deliver  valet parking services which meet or exceed the expectations of our existing hotel clients and many others. Event Pro West sees ourselves as a key partner with your hotel by creating a memorable first and last impressions for every guest that enter your property.  It starts with a warm and friendly smile. Our staff sees each and every guest interaction as an opportunity to serve and create a positive lasting impression. By creating many of these small positive interactions with the guest throughout their stay, we create satisfied customers who are very likely to return and also relate their positive experiences to others. The bottom line – hiring EPW pays for itself and translates into consistent repeat business for our clients. Also, because our team members are cross trained in providing bellman services, a partnership with EPW allows you to achieve additional efficiency and cost savings.

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